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Guava Juice
Cold pressed guava juice
Organic Guava Juice
Organic Guava Nectar - Guava Juice
Organic Guava Nectar - Guava Juice
Organic Guava Nectar - Guava Juice

Organic Guava Nectar - Guava Juice

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Our Organic Guava juice is made for all of you gorgeous guava lovers! Our Guava juice is not just tasty and fresh but it also helps lower your blood sugar, boosts heart health, helps you lose weight and helps with menstruation cramps..

Our cold-pressed organic juices are available for shipping all over India
Ingredients:- Organic Guava Nectar 51%, Organic Sugarcane 44%, Organic Lemon 4%, Salt 0.5%, Organic Chilli Powder 0.5%,Citrus Fibre, Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224))

Energy:- 100 (Kcal/100ml)
Natural Sugar:- 10 (g/100ml)
Added Sugar:- 0 (g/1000ml)
Fat:-  0.37 (g/100ml)
Carbohydrate:- 36.17 (g/100ml) 
Protein:- 3.72 (g/100ml)
Iron:- 0.11 (mg/100ml)
Calcium:- 11 (mg/100ml)
Potassium:- 161 (mg/100ml)

RUS Organic is India’s first Cold-pressed Juice Company born out of optimism and belief that everyone is entitled to live healthy life. Our products are the super blend of taste with nutrition.

RUS celebrate the flavors and organic forces of vegetables and fruits. Every ingredient is curated carefully and is 100% natural, sustainable and pressed with perfection. We are currently serving fresh and cold-press juices all over India.


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ABDUL Shaikh

Amazing juice and good taste must visit u gone love it.