How Is Organic Food Grown & Processed?

How Is Organic Food Grown & Processed?

The true beauty of organic food is the way they aren't processed at all. Its how the world should be and the most eco-friendly and healthy thing you can do for your environment and society. Fields are planted and mature on their own. The crops aren’t fed with harmful chemicals to speed their growth and increase their outer appearance. This is why organic products appear more natural, filled with bumps, bruises and spots, and not as shiny, systematically sized, or available yearlong as compared to chemically produced products. This slow and natural process of farming ensures that organic products are filled with nutrients. Furthermore, even the soils the crops are grown in are organically fertilized. The whole process of organic farming is governed by strict government standards so that you get the best. We follow a system that ensures everything we do fits the standards of India Organic and USDA Organic. You can trace each product back to where they were sourced from, which farmer and farm, and what time it was harvested. 

"We are what we eat" this well heard saying is as true as it can get. How your food is grown or raised has a major impact on your physical and mental health too. Harmful chemicals like pesticides can take a huge toll on one’s emotional, mental, and physical growth. Hence, we suggest choosing organic food as your first choice.

Pure, Hard Facts as to why Organic is Better:

      • It is fresher Since the products are naturally grown and no chemicals are used to prolong the product's natural life span, organic foods move faster from the farm to the consumer. We at Dwaraka Organic, make sure all our organic products reach you in their freshest form.
      • Organic farming is healthy for the environment and you Organic farming helps in reducing pollution, increasing soil fertility, and even conserving water and energy. As it doesn’t include the usage of synthetic pesticides, it keeps the nearby birds, insects, and other creatures safe. Hence maintaining a balance in the environment.
      • Organic Food is GMO-free Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are plants that are genetically modified to make them more resistant to synthetic pesticides. Such plants can be harmful if consumed on a daily basis for many years. Organic farming keeps the plants away from such practices, hence giving you GMO-free produce. We follow strict guidelines set by the USDA National Organic Program. Moreover, we are certified by India Organic for the authenticity of our brand. Organic food has the potential to give you the cleanest nutrients your body requires. It helps you to stay away from harmful chemicals. Moreover, it keeps the environment clean. So start the new year on an organic note and stay fit.
      • Organic food helps our farmers out so much more and allow them to make more money and not be under the mercy of big companies or middle men that have always taken away from farmers in the past. We need to support our famers and our community for what they do and how they take care of us.  We are proud that we support , sponsor, and work with these farmers. We are and hope to convert more , if not all , farms into organic. We dont believe in buying our own farm lands and growing as we arent supporting existing farmers and helping our community is important. We also mainly source locally from Maharashtra to lower our carb footprint. 
Cut out the Middle Men & Corporations and go directly to the source.
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