How is Cold Pressed Juice Made?

How is Cold Pressed Juice Made?

We all know the delicious taste of a freshly squeezed orange juice. But what’s cold pressed juice? How that is different from squeezed one? Cold pressed juice is made very differently as compared to freshly squeezed juice. Their methods of extraction are what make them unique from each other.

Cold pressed juice is made with a unique juicer that uses a hydraulic press and slow pulveriser to juice the fruits and veggies. This kind of juicer isn’t the one you’d find in your kitchen. Fresh squeezed juice is made with a normal juicer that uses a fast spinning blade to extract the juice from fruits and veggies. Because the metal blades of the normal juicer spin so quickly, they generate heat. This heat ends up breaking down the useful enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. The rapid spinning also lets air mix into juice, oxidizing the juice, which further breaks down its nutrients and vitamins. This freshly squeezed juice that is refreshing and tasty is not nearly as nutritional as compared to cold pressed juice.

Cold pressed juice protects and preserves the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. Since the cold press juicer presses the produce to extract the juice, no heat is involved in the process. That means you will get all the healthy nutrients from the fruits and veggies. We get 100% vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients when we drink cold pressed juices. At Rus Organic, we are purely into and produce only cold pressed juice.

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