Rus Organic Assorted Pack


Rus Organic Assorted Pack
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Rus Organic Assorted Pack

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Buy Ruby, Guava, Mango, Zest, and Aam Panna all together in this Pack of 8(200ml) & Pack of 5 (500ml). Choose your own pack today! Rus organic is Only Certified Indian juice manufacturer giving maximum number of flavours to our customers. Organic Healthier, Cleaner, better for your immunity.


Our Juices are 100% Organic Cold Pressed. Our Juices have No Added Sugar, No Preservatives or any harmful substance.

Our cold-pressed organic juices are available for shipping all over India.

Aam Panna:- Organic Aam Panna, Organic Sugarcane, Organic Lemon, Organic Himalayan Pink Salt, Citrus Fibre, Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224))

Zest:-  Organic Sugarcane 97%, Organic Lemon 2%, Organic mint 1%, Citrus Fiber, Vitamin C, Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224)

Pearl:- Aloe vera2%, Pomegranate20%, Sugarcane74% & Lemon4%,
Citrus Fiber, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224)

Detox:- Organic Parsely 5%, Organic Coriander 5%, Organic mint 3%, Organic Betel Leaf 5%, Organic Curry Leaf 1%, Organic Ginger 2%, Organic Coriander Seeds, Organic Cumin Seeds 1%, Organic Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Lemon 3%, Water 75%, Citrus Fiber, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224)

Organic Mango Nectar:- Mango 100%, Curcumin, Citrus Fiber, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224)

Guava Nectar Juice:- Organic Guava Nectar 51%, Organic Sugarcane 44%, Organic Lemon 4%, Salt 0.5%, Organic Chilli Powder 0.5%, Citrus Fiber, Vitamin C, Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224)

Onyx:- Organic Charcoal (5%), Organic Sugarcane (35%), Organic Lemon (15%), Purified Water (45%), Citrus Fiber, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224)

Ruby:- Organic Kokum 5%, Organic Pomegranate 15%, Organic Cumin 5%, Water 30%, Organic Sugarcane 40%, Organic Lemon 5%, Beetroot Extract, Citrus Fiber, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants (INS 300, INS 224)
RUS Organic is India’s first Cold-pressed Juice Company born out of optimism and belief that everyone is entitled to live healthy life. Our products are the super blend of taste with nutrition.

RUS celebrate the flavors and organic forces of vegetables and fruits. Every ingredient is curated carefully and is 100% natural, sustainable and pressed with perfection.

We are Certified Organic Juice Company with annual audits from certification agencies. We buy Organic fruits and Vegetables directly from farmers with Transfer Certificates




Customer Reviews

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Miss Walling

It was ok

Amar Choudhary

Rus Organic Saver Pack

Taste of love❤😍

The moment you drink 🍸, you feel "taste of love❤" Super combination 😋

Hridyapal Bhogal
Mixed opinions!

Tried all the flavors and while some are really nice (like the sugarcane one) but some are bad (aloe vera was bitter). I had higher expectations honestly.

Loved it

I have ordered this pack of 8 n just loved it .. awesome in taste .. bt I query that May I choose the flavours I loved the most n order?

We are glad that you liked our juice. Yes, you can choose pack of 8 of any juice. You can just simply choose the juice that you want and on the product page you can select pack of 8. Thank you!