Farm Fresh, Organic, Preservative-Free Juices & Nut Mylks By Rus Organic

Smoothies, juices and nut milks are some of the most easy, quick and fun ways to boost health! With 100% organic veggies and fruit and devoid of preservatives and sugar, Rus Organic's organic vegan drinks are a winner all the way. Mix and match their wide range of plant nut mylks, smoothies and juices to ensure you get your daily dose of nutrients and dietary fibre.

The drinks are blended with nutritional herbs that give the body just want it needs: refreshment and nourishment.

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New Smoothie Brand Rus Organic Is Delicious And Healthy

A 25-year-old NRI's new smoothie brand, Rus Organic, is telling you that being healthy could lead to you helping India's farmers.
Five minutes into a conversation with Ujvala Vemparala, you'll begin to feel like you're talking to a long-lost friend. Refreshingly relatable, she delves into the growing pains we've all struggled with in our teenage years, how erratic and stressful our daily goings-on can be, and the tremendous toll it takes on our health. Only, she made a business out of it.

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Product reviews; Rus Organics: Say cheers

Honest confession: we twisted open a bottle of Rus Organics’ Blush Pomegranate, and glugged it down to the last fresh, sweet, tasty drop. Adding to the warm glow of wellness is the knowledge that Rus Organics is all about fresh and organic fruits and veggies, cold-pressed to create nutritious juices that are undeniably delicious

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