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About Us

about Rus Organic

Your morning kick, the powerhouse that you need, the fruitier option

Your morning kick, the powerhouse that you need, the fruitier option; all consciously pressed into one while taking inspiration from nature and staying unmistakably Indian. Rus Organic is all about minimal and mindful products to bring less impact on the planet and more joys in people’s daily lives.

Rus Organic was born with all the care and support from Indian farmers. We were able to get access to good organic produce to create fruitier options, right from juices to smoothies, for India and the rest of the world. Be it exporting fruits to US or local supermarkets, be it creating delicious, all-natural healthy concoctions; we were able to rely on the quality of the produce to create products that are thoughtful and committed to value.

With government initiatives like Make in India and support from the ground, the farmers, and the push from the right people, Rus Organic would have been just a dream project.

That's why; the real deal for Rus is to give back from where you take.
Make incremental, sustainable alterations in this journey of holistic wellness.