Healthy Habits to Beautify Your Day!

Healthy Habits to Beautify Your Day!

Don't worry we are here to help you out! As a certified organic food and vegan follower we suggest you the most successful and sustainable habits that can be implemented by the smallest changes in your lifestyle. And here's the thing- you don't need a resolution to do that! It's all about making those choices with positive intention in our day to day lives.

Here are our top four habits to implement to make your day positive and fresh.

1. Find Extra ways to add fruits and vegetables into your diet 

Of course by now everyone know the extra-ordinary benefits of fruits. Citric and greens in particular are high in vitamins and minerals that support everything our bodies need to keep us healthy. A big part of a healthy diet and happy life is enjoying what you eat so pick something you love! Not only there is variety of fruits to choose from, but there's also a variety of ways to include more fruits into your day. I'm a big fan of the cold pressed juices. We can always reach Rus Organic because it combines all type of nutritious fruits like pomegranate, beet, parsley and sugarcane with a hint of citrus and mint which are my absolute favourite flavoured combinations. And they're cold-pressed so all the nutrients from the fruits are retain as much as possible from harvest.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. 

Hydration is very much essential for keeping us energized all day. Of course, beverages such as juices and smoothies count, so find something delicious that will help you keep hydrated and make you feel fresh all day. But one would recommend consume coconut water and green juice more in summer. The advantages of drinking a green juice or coconut water for hydration is that it naturally contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Those are really influencing factors our body needs to stay hydrated optimally for whole day.

3. Make Healthy Choices

We always reach for whatever food option is in front of us when we're in a hurry? So, try stocking your fridge and pantry with just one more option that makes maintaining health convenient for you. By making it available, you're setting yourself up for good life. This is another reason to love Rus all around - they're an incredibly convenient, easy to handle and way more nutritious too!

4. Eat Well, Always!

When it comes to weight loss and maintaining diet it's not always about eating less, consuming good food wins the game too. Good food includes vegetables, fruits, and small portions of protein and whole grains. These foods provide us fibers and important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. When planning meals for you and your family, think about including

  • A salad filled with all the vegetables, such as spinach; broccoli, red, green, orange, or yellow peppers
  • A Variety of fruits and juices, including apples, bananas, and grapes.
  • Organic juices for weight loss

Reach out to us if youd like to know more information or meet one of our dietitians, nutritionists & trainers and sign up for our Month long Subscription including dieting and training . 

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