Sustaining a lifestyle and future with mindful consumption

Seasonal rains, sweltering hotness, bone-chilling cold; we have become well acquainted with the organic environmental struggles of our times. And there is no one to blame but us. We the humans have plundered the resources of the earth to fulfilour needs as well as greed. And now we are suffering the consequence of it, complaining about inaction while putting the onus of saving the earth on the next person.

But as we have always learnt, change begins with us. And it is with the small steps we take that has the potential of creating a wave of a more sustainable future. And it begins with slowly and steadily introspecting our consumption habits and then making the necessary progress.

Sustainable consumption is what we as individuals need to focus on. Simply put, sustainable living involves finding and following patterns of action and consumption that do not hamper the future of coming generations.

Right now, our culture of consumption has been a major force in accelerating environmental degradation. We as consumers are always on the lookout for cheap, convenient and easily disposable products rather than durable, quality goods. It is true that our pace and monotony of daily life dictates such choices. But it is upon us to make a conscious choice to do our bit for a sustainable living.

A sustainable lifestyle means consuming responsibly. It is about asking ourselves, do we want it or do we need it? It is also about changing our purchasing style and going for those goods and services that have been brought to us by causing the least or no harm at all to the environment. This includes our choices of cosmetics, fashion and food.

Switching to organic products is one of the major encouraging ways of consuming and maintaining a sustainable future as it does not use any sort of pesticide or other sorts of additive in the farming process. Juices and food made from these sort of organic products are a way to a sustainable future.

Making its contribution to a sustainable society are the juices from Rus Organic. Made from 100% organic produce and cold-pressed aka made without the use of harmful edibles, the consuming a juice from Rus Organic is consuming a more sustainable future.

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