Should we count calories or just eat right?

In a world that has fast and tasty food, it becomes difficult to keep our fitness vow intact. We all want to count our calories and have a fit physique.

Healthy eating, cold pressed juices, diet organic food, and fitness regimes are thrown at us on a daily basis. Put simply, calorie counting is calculating how much calorie is consumed while eating a particular type of food and burned while doing energizing activities.

It is true that as far as weight gain is concerned, a calorie is a calorie. But research throughout the years has proved that calorie counting is not exactly is the most viable way for weight loss. At its worst, it makes people feeling guilty and shameful of not doing their best to lose weight and thereby depriving themselves of the nutrition that the body needs.

The essential nutrients in the food provide our body with the energy it needs to stay alive. It is this energy that keeps our heart pumping, maintains the respiratory system and body warmth. If the calorie/ nutrition is drastically reduced, then our body will actually go berserk.

Calorie counting does work for weight loss. But it is the right diet plan that ensures we don’t have to be constantly on our toes to maintain it. A balanced diet is all you need to count your calories in a healthy way and in a manner that provides your body with the necessary nutrition. This includes a diet composed of vegetables, fruits, moderate amount of grains, lentils, beans and some amount of meat. With the right food choice, control over the portion, and moderate physical activity is enough to keep yourself healthy and full of nutrition without resorting to calorie counting.

One important way to ensure that you are getting proper nutrition while being fit is to consume juices made of organic fruits and vegetables. Indulging in juice cleansing in intervals is also an important way of maintaining a healthy weight and getting the body rid of all toxins.

The juices from Rus Organic are made with 100% organic produce and cold-pressed, meaning it retains all the necessary nutrition and you do not have to worry about counting calories